Nia White Belt Training

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Nia White Belt with Casey In Studio training  over 2 weekends.

Friday November 4th  – Sunday November 6th
Friday November 11th – Sunday November 13th

Total Nia Training fee $1599.00

Nia Ha Registration $500
Balance to Casey $1099.00

Casey has been facilitating Nia White Belt trainings since 1997. She trained, worked and has had a personal relationship with the creators of Nia.

Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos Rosas since 1990. She is a 1st Generation Nia White Belt teacher. Working along with Debbie, Carlos and the other Nia 1st generation trainers, she introduced Nia training program into Albany community and assisted the evolution of the Nia White Belt training program of today. Casey wanted a home for Nia and a Nia training center, hence she created and open up The Center for Nia & Yoga in the heart of downtown Albany with the belief of a greater purpose for the work of Nia and it’s influence in to different populations of people in the Albany Community.

Casey B/W

The criteria to enter in to the Nia White Belt training program is simply to love, desire to explore and potentially teacher Nia’s Joy of Movement. Trainees come with years of taking Nia classes or from simply reading about it on the web! All are welcome and will receive the Science – Craft and Art of Nia 13 White Belt principles. Nia classes, freedance sessions and download sessions of information. It is a full and fantastic day!

The Center for Nia & Yoga is a beautiful and accommodating environment for the training. A Nia dance space, Nia lounge, and space for rest and relaxation. The immediate area has many eateries, coffee shops and ethnic food along with the city’s natural food co-op just down the street.

The intention is to provide you with the best environment to create the immersion in Nia’s Joy of Movement.

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In their own words:

“Thank you, Casey, for a beautiful, playful and transformative white belt. You are a gifted teacher. I look forward to continuing my path in movement with your mentorship.
Courtney Parker, MA, LPC  May 2016

“Thanks for the high-quality training experience.  It was truly a deep experience on all my levels, i.e. mental, emotional, physical and spiritual…well done by you and me! Words cannot do justice to describe what you provided…perhaps “Tornado” would aptly apply?  I was stretched, pounded and lifted under your professional guidance.  You have my full gratitude for your graceful and powerful teaching of the White Belt Principles.  You freely shared our Heart with all of us…a truly blessed gift!Richard Slocum May 2016

Casey brings unique gifts to her Nia training and teaching –a rigorous dedication to her Nia practice; depth and breadth of knowledge of the body and movement, informed by her background in nursing and yoga; reativity with music, and a dose of spirited zest – she is great fun to be with. My White Belt week with Casey was enriching,exhausting and ultimately life-changing. “Stairway to Heaven” is an inspired routine………Thank you, Casey! Pamela Yu Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist WB 2010

Nia nursers my body so much that I feel it’s designed for the body. As a classical musician with dance background, I think Nia is the dance language that truly talks to the body, and brings emotional joy at the same time!! For me, Nia could be a dance for lifetime. Thanks Casey!! Lucy Liu, musician and Yoga instructor. New canaan. CT June 2010 WB training

The first time I took Nia was with Casey almost two years ago. It was the middle of winter and I was feeling emotionally down. I stepped out of that first class feeling something that I hadn’t felt in years….balanced. After years of running, treadmill, stair master, and aerobics there was a sense of freedom with Nia. Using every muscle, joint and bone in a single workout was so unique. After taking 3 classes a week for the past two years I finally decided to do the White Belt training with Casey. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. As a nurse, yoga instructor and Black belt Nia teacher, Casey is such a wealth of information. She balanced her intellect with her humor and made the training week an incredible experience. This October I will be teaching my own class.Thank you Casey for being an inspirational teacher and friend! Andrea Hersh Bartfield, Slingerlands, NY
Visual Artist/Professor of Art

As an experienced dancer, educator and physical therapist, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my week of Nia White Belt training. I was surprised and enlightened. With my experience and education in the anatomy and physiology of movement, I thought the material might be all too familiar. What could Nia teach me that was new? My White Belt training showed me a more comprehensive way of approaching the world of movement. I was pleasantly startled by unique ways of thinking about movement expression and limitation. I was shown approaches to movement initiation in the body that I had never thought of, or been shown before. I was very impressed by the work of the originators of Nia, Debbie and Carlos. Who are they, and how did they melt all this information together into such a positive and comprehensive movement program? Although I had encountered almost all of the information taught, in some form during my years of practice, I had never experienced it in such a complete way. The training gave me a full and unified body, mind/intellect and spiritual/emotional understanding of concepts I had been “dancing around” for years. Casey is a very gifted and talented instructor. She would push, pull or simply observe her students quietly, all while directing us on an amazing journey. Diane Betts; PT/dancer Nia WB

“Casey’s Nia style is highly accessible and full of heart and humor. Casey gave us the opportunity to receive valuable feedback during teaching exercises that will certainly make me a better teacher. Casey’s embodiment and teaching of Nia is rich, dynamic, and simply delicious.” Marika Tomkins Health Coach Nia Blue Belt 6/14

“The Nia White Belt training with Casey = a transformative experience.This training is an invaluable somatic tool that has allowed me to up the JOY in every aspect of my life. To teach or just for personal growth”… this has the Gemma recommendation

 “I really enjoyed having you come in April and I still feel the enthusiasm for Nia that you helped create in that week. I thought you did a fantastic job of holding the space, teaching with clarity and sharing your own experiences. I never felt bored or like “oh I know this, so I don’t have to listen”. I was engaged the whole time. I was impressed with your energy to do it all…the classes and the teaching. Giving everyone attention. I had fun, felt challenged to grow and continue to learn.” White Belt Audit:  KathleenBlue Belt Nia Instructor teaching since 2005. She is a creative visual artist and has over 30 years of Human Service experience working with diverse groups of people.

“I also want to send you a huge Thank You for an amazing experience at the White Belt training – I felt I got a second chance in life to feeling vibrant, joyful and full of excitement (not to mention a fit body and radiant complexion smile emoticon. Your personal touch to things, great sense of humor, knowledge and experience made all the difference!! You are a true role model!”
Netta DVM

“Thank you Casey for a beautiful, playful and transformative white belt. You are a gifted teacher. I look forward to continuing my path in movement with your mentorship.
Courtney Parker, MA, LPC

“I hadn’t realize how “tarnished” I’d felt before the White Belt training, like a piece of jewelry in desperate need of polishing. The White Belt felt exactly like that to me! Since coming home I feel energized and renewed, and today I symbolically spent the morning polishing all of my jewelry, sensing and enjoying each piece. I thank you all for being a part of the experience that brought back my own inner luster.”   Julia Fagnilli

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