Nia’s Moving to Heal

Nia Moving to Heal schedule with Casey 2023

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Nia Moving to Heal 2023
Offered online via Zoom and In Studio

Nia Moving to Heal – Online
Wednesday Sept. 6th – Oct. 18th
Nia Hq Registration $250.00
Balance Payment $349.00

11:00 am – 12:30 pm
First time registration $149.00
Repeat registration $99.00 – please contact Casey

Testimony: “Thanks.  I also want to thank you because you above any Nia trainer I’ve had have given me tools that have allowed me to become a more capable and confident teacher.  And I’ve come to really love Selfless, which I’d never heard before the MTH training, esp that song Thank you!”

Nia Moving to Heal Apprenticeship Groups

I hope YOU can join!   I have received a lot of wonderful feedback from participants that they were inspired and felt much more confidence to continue with the MTH apprenticeship and confidence in teaching a MTH class!
How to register: 

First time registration $149.00 (continuing $99.00)  

1. “classes offered” a. Create or finish your profile
b. “Services”/ Trainings
c. Purchase: MTH apprenticeship 


2.Venmo: Casey Bernstein@Casey-Bernstein
3. PayPal: Casey Bernstein Once you are registered you will receive an email providing the meeting Zoom link and additional information and documents.

Nia Moving to Heal Apprenticeship Group

Nia Moving to Heal Apprenticeship Group 

Tuesday March 21st – April 25th 6 week series 

11 – 11:45a Focused Nia M2H Class

11:45 a – 12:30 p  Feedback, Reflection and Mentoring 

Limited Registration.

First time registration   $149.00. Continuing $99.00

45 Minute MTH Class

45 Minute Reflection, Feedback and Mentoring

Contact or 518-218-4887

Designed with the unifying theme of healing, the Moving To Heal Teacher Training provides you with the knowledge and skills to deliver therapeutic benefits to students through the Nia class experience. Founded on the art of movement and the philosophy of The Body’s Way, you will learn techniques to successfully engage people using Nia movement with White and Blue Belt principles to feel better.

Topics covered include philosophy of healing and The Body’s Way, sensation science, somatic anatomy, Nia movement, and how to work with music to enhance a therapeutic movement experience. The training places specific emphasis on the ethics of healing and compassionate leadership while considering the needs of diverse students, e.g. cancer patients, Parkinson’s Disease, trauma recovery or healing post-injury. The course includes topics on business and marketing.

This training is open to all individuals. In order to teach the program, you must be a current Teacher Member and complete the teacher apprentice program. Moving To Heal information

Moving to Heal Information and Optional routine video clips:
Nia Moving to Heal class format options & Into to “Massive Attack” routine:

What people are saying about what they gained from the M2H training:

Virgie, Nia Black Belt

Nadine, Nia White Belt preparing for Blue Belt

Inge , Nia White Belt

Julia, new to Nia.