Nia Training Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready to do the training?


My questions for you: Is Nia something you are drawn to? Do you experience the JOY of movement in a Nia class and do you love it? Are you curious to experience Nia even if you have only read about it? Do you feel excited about the opportunity when considering the training? Nia trainees come to the intensive with a wide variety of experience and desires. The training will meet you where you are at and deepen your relationship with Nia.

How do I register for the training?

All training registration is managed via Nia HQ Nia education link. Call Nia HQ at 1-800-762-5762 with any registration questions. The training fee is $1599.00. Deposit to Nia HQ $799.00 and Balance to Casey Bernstein $799.00 Purchasing

What the latest I can register for a training and is there pre-training materials?

It is wonderful to commit early to the training process however registering up to 2 weeks before the training begins guarantees your materials for the training. There is no pre-training material yet is it recommend to purchase The Nia Technique Book by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, available on Amazon or the website. And Dance!

At this time I don’t plan to teach Nia, can I take the training for personal growth?

Yes! Each session creates a personal growth dimension while preparing others to teach.

Can I teach Nia after the training?

Yes. At the training and/or after the Nia WB, a trainee can purchase a Nia Livelihood Membership for $520 ( payment plans available) In addition to all the support, it provides you by Nia HQ, The Livelihood Memberships also provides you with Nia’s continuing education of 4 Nia routines that a trainees will begin to teach. The Livelihood Membership with 4 Nia routines are available to you at the end of the Nia Intensive.

What do I bring to the training?

Comfortable, layered movement clothes. You do not need to bring any books with you. Your Nia Learn book and a Nia pen will be provided for you. Also do provide nutritious snacks for yourself!

What are the housing and accommodation options?

View accommodation options.