Casey’s Routine

Casey’s loves to work with interesting music and play with Nia’s movements to create Magic. The Slumdog routines is quintessential Casey’s expression of Nia’s Joy of Movement as a creative source.

The physical focus of this routine are the 3 body weights and creative hand movements. The inspirational focus is from the Slumdog brother that choose to take the high road. This is accessed via the pelvis; our tenaciousness, the chest; our kindness and the head; our honesty and The practice of: “NO matter what”.

It’s all yours… the music is available to you on itunes, the last 2 songs are switched to align with Nia’s 7 cycles. DO YOUR Bars..and see what you get!

Casey’s Nia Slumdog Routine

#1 O…Saya
#2 Riots
#3 Mausam & Escape
#4 Paper Plans
#5 Paper Plans (DFA remix)
#6 RInga Ringa
#7 Liquid Dance
#8 Latika’s Theme
#9 Aaf Ki Raat
#10 Millionaire
#11 Gangsta Blues
#12 Jai Ho
#13 Dreams on Fire